With cotton premium-quality hand towels, you’ll receive several benefits that are worth the investment. The most defining features are as follows:

Odor-Resistant:Cotton is a breathable fabric, meaning air easily flows through it. This is also a great quality because it means strong-smelling odors and scents won’t stick onto the hand towel, allowing for a fresh smell for each use.
You’ll never dry your hands on a scratchy towel again! Our cotton salon hand towels are soft to the touch — even as you wash them throughout the week, they retain their softness.
Fast-Drying: With 100-percent threaded cotton fibers, these hand towels will dry off quickly after each use. This allows you to use your towel again and again before needing to throw it in the laundry for a newer, cleaner one.
Ideal Size:
What a perfect go-to cloth for in the salon, at the pool or at the gym — large enough to wipe your forehead, neck, hands and any dirty surface!



You need a towel that can keep up with your industry’s needs. As a salon or spa owner, you have a seemingly endless requirement for towels throughout the day. Whether you’re handing them off to clients to dry their hands or toweling a customer’s hair off after a coloring or perm, you can never have enough fresh towels lying around throughout the day.

No salon or spa is complete without a quality line of accessories. You purchase the best shampoos, highest quality dyes and facial treatments, and you don’t skimp when it comes to interior design. Why not prioritize towels in the same way? Towels are a staple of many businesses due to the constant necessity throughout the day. That means you’ll want a towel that not only fulfills its duties, but that also leaves your guests wishing they had the same type of towels for their own home as well.

  • Towels measure 50x100cm.
  • Available in White,Beige,Cream,Brown, Navy blue,Red/Maroon,Pink, Royal Blue, DARK Grey.
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Hotel quality Salon Towels.


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