By toiletries we understand those articles of personal hygiene that the hotel industry makes available to guests at the bathroom of the hotel room where the guest is accommodated.

Make the essentials a little more extravagant with high-end toiletries for your guests, at Bed&Bath, we provide an extensive selection of luxury hotel toiletries for the hospitality industry. Our toiletries range includes a variety of our own brands!

Our Collection is a superb eco-friendly collection, featuring friendly biodegradable tubes that are good for the skin and the environment.

Shampoo and lotion.

We stock a range of accessories for you to display your toiletries, from Bath gels to shower caps. We also additionally offer a selection of these luxury high-end brand toiletries for your home so you can experience the luxury every day.

Bed&Bath toiletries are the perfect complement for our premium quality bathrobes and bath towels. With presentation shelves and other accompaniments within our selection of bathroom accessories, it’s easy to fully equip your bathroom in order to provide a welcoming and luxurious space. Guest toiletries are an important reflection of your business, so invest in quality with our bulk buy packets of important bathroom articles.

There’s something for everyone, from eco-friendly hotel shampoo, miniature body wash and individually wrapped soaps. Order your hospitality shampoo and conditioners in our welcome packs to save time and money.

“It doesn’t matter where you are staying, the first thing everyone does when they arrive at their hotel room is go into the bathroom to see what products are on offer, assessing whether to stash them in the suitcase and hope that housekeeping replenish generously or pull out what they have brought with them,” says Mr.Juma

Mr.Juma’s statement may not be true of every hotel guest, but I’ll hazard a guess that it’s ringing true with many and if not the first thing you do when you survey your room, it will probably follow a review of the tea tray and the in-room entertainment.

Whether checking out the toiletries in the bathroom is immediate or not, it’s inevitable that guests will see them at some point during their stay and, in the majority of cases –  consciously or not – the toiletries will be used in forming an opinion of your business and their stay.

“In room products and amenities say so much about the hotel and give guests a great insight into the experience they can expect to have not only in the bathroom but throughout the hotel as a whole,” says Mr.Juma

If you’re not yet convinced, bear in mind that today’s guest – whether staying for a night on a business trip or on a weekend mini-break – expects more than they’ve ever done and if it’s not to their liking they’ll soon turn to sites like TripAdvisor and social media to let everyone know they’re not happy with any aspect of their stay. 

Travellers are much different now than they were 10 years ago.Amenities have become extremely important – they aren’t just a soap, shampoo and conditioner, they are looking for an experience, something they can relate to. Whether it’s an environmentally-conscious traveller, business traveller, or luxury traveller, they all demand more out of their stay.

“This change in the mindset and motivation of the modern traveller is driving a trend towards choosing thoughtful and luxurious amenities.”

Not sure if you’re delivering what your guests expect? Follow our three top tips to choosing the right toiletries for your hotel: 

1. Ensure the range fits the company’s ethos:

One of the key priorities for an amenities range is ‘to provide a strong marketing and branding presentation, telling the hotel’s story and providing guests with an authentic reflection of the hotel’s identity.

2. Remember, size does matter

The majority of hotel amenities are available in 30ml and 40ml bottles or tubes. However, if the length of stay for your guests is longer than the average or you’re finding that housekeeping are being asked to replenish supplies before they go in to clean the room the next day, you may need to review your offering. 

If sustainability is important to your business, ensure your products have environmentally-friendly formulations and have recyclable packaging too. Consumers also like to see unisex products – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and soaps – in hotels.

3. Consider the long-term impact

There are obvious immediate benefits from choosing amenities from an established brand name, particularly if (as in point 1) the brand has a similar ethos to yours.

they’re not only providing the reassurance that a known brand provides, but also a sense of privilege and pampering, strengthening brand loyalty for both the hotel and the product brand.’ 

However, opting for a lesser-known fragrance brand could also work in your hotel’s favour, particularly if its important that your business is seen as a trend-setter who ‘discovered’ it first. 

The other option is to create your very own brand, which can not only be used within your own properties, but for which you will own the rights to distribute as you wish.

“We were finding it increasingly difficult to find the right bathroom amenities that accurately reflected our niche brand. So we decided to create our own, We felt we would have greater control and be able to create something that we felt our guests would like with packaging that reflected our brand.”  Explains one of our prominent clients.

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