A good night’s sleep starts with the right foundations.  
We have quality options for all budgets and we can help you find the combination that feels right for you.

You can make your bedroom a haven of comfort by choosing your bedding with care.
The type of pillow or duvet you choose and whether you to use mattress protectors or toppers can all make a difference to the quality of your sleep.

For couples who like differing levels of warmth in bed, consider custom duvets, made to order at our BED AND BATH.  


Synthetic duvets are predominately made from microfibre or hollowfibre polyester which makes for a soft, silky, warm and lightweight feel. Both microfibre and hollowfibre are machine washable, making them very easy to care for.

If you:

  • Need a duvet that can be washed frequently
  • Suffer with allergies
  • Are looking for an affordable alternative to other fillings

Then consider a synthetic duvet because:

  • These duvets give you the same warmth as a natural-filled style (though an equivalent tog rating may be heavier if compared to a duvet with a high down content)
  • They’re made with non-allergenic fillings
  • They dry more quickly than natural duvets 


All our natural duvets come in a boxed wall construction. The filling is held in individual boxes, allowing for even distribution and preventing cold spots.

All our synthetic duvets are constructed to keep the filling in its place, making them easy to maintain.


Always shake your natural duvets from the side and not the bottom to prevent the filling from moving between boxes


A duvet’s tog rating is important as it relates to its warmth (but not its weight, which depends on filling).

The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet, with 2.5 – 7 tog perfect for spring and summer and 10.5 – 13.5 ideal for autumn and winter.

If you want flexibility and versatility, all-season duvets are a great choice. They consist of two separate duvets, usually a lightweight 4.5 tog for summer and a warmer 9 tog for autumn and spring. They connect together to make a 13.5 tog in winter.

We understand that every sleep style is unique and that’s why you can order duvets in any shape, any size and with any tog value.

Summer lightweight duvet
Spring/Autumn weight duvet
Winter weight duvet
1.0 – 4.5 tog
7.0 – 10.5 tog
12.0 – 13.5 tog

Our premium duvets are made to fit standard bed sizes.


150 x 200cm

Mattress size:
W90 x L190cm or 3′ x 6’3″

200x 200cm

Mattress size:
W122 x L190cm or 4″ x 6’3″



Mattress size : W152 x L190CM or 5″ x 6’3″

260 x 220cm

Mattress size: W183 x L190cm (or 6′ x 6’3″)

Super kingsize
290 x 220cm

Mattress size: W214 x L214cm (or 7′ x 7″)



90x200cm OR 107X190cm 0R 107X200CM


122X200cm OR 138x190cm OR 138x200cm


152x200cm OR 168X190cm OR 168X200cm


183x200cm OR 190x200cm OR 200x200cm




If you like your bed to have a fuller, well-made look, or find that you and your partner tend to fight over the duvet, then you might want to choose one that’s a size larger than your bed

Flooring and sofa


Update your bedding and improve your comfort with a new set of soft, plump pillows


  • Suffer from allergies
  • Are looking for fresh, breathable comfort 
  • Want anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties 
  • Want a microfibre filling

Then consider a synthetic pillow because:

  • Manmade fibres tend to be more affordable
  • We stock synthetic pillows with innovative new materials 
  • Our hollowfibre pillow types, including lightweight fine fibres, provide the closest feel to a down pillow
  • Manmade fibres tend to be lower priced than natural fillings
Washing machines
One of the most important things to consider when buying pillows is how you sleep. A pillow that’s too firm or too soft can affect your posture and how much rest you get.
Remember to consider:
The pillow against the mattress – a firm pillow won’t work well with a soft mattress

Your body shape and height. You’ll want to maintain a straight spine throughout the night, so it helps to choose the right pillow.


It’s worth taking time to find the type of pillow that will provide the correct balance of comfort and support you need. By all means try in our shops before you buy – our sales representative will be pleased to advise you. Everyone’s different and you and your partner may find the same pillows don’t suit both of you.

As well as standard size pillows, we stock and make square (sometimes called continental) pillows/ bolster pillows, which are good for sitting up in bed and for decorative purposes, and kingsize pillows, which are extra wide for use on bigger beds.



Choosing duvets and pillows for a child is an important part of ensuring they get a restful night’s sleep, although they are not suitable for children under 12 months. We offer a range of duvets and pillows that are suitable for children.

When choosing a full size duvet for a child, unless their bedroom is very cold, it’s best to stick with a lighter weight duvet between 4.5 and 7 tog. As they’re smaller, it means their duvet traps more air and increases the level of warmth over and above that experienced by most adults. 

When it comes to choosing a pillow for a child over the age of 12 months, try to choose a flatter or softer pillow, as this will offer them support without putting strain on their developing neck.

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