Luxury bespoke fitted sheets custom made to your exact size and specifications.

In the past bed have traditionally fallen into the Single, Double, King and Super King bed sizes.  But in recent years bed sizes have expanded dramatically to include everything from small 2’3″ singles up to Emperor and Caesar size beds. 

Fitted Mattress Protectors/Sheets for Any Size of Bed

We have made fitted sheets for unusual bed sizes for over 20 years.  All our out size sheets are cut from the roll so they accommodate any length, width and depth of mattress.

Wonderfully soft and beautifully stitched, these cusom fitted bed sheets are the perfect addition to your bedding collection. Made from 100% cotton sheeting fabric, it’s soft, breathable and long-lasting. With elasticated corners, making the bed is a breeze, and your sheet fits snug and tight allowing you to create a smooth surface to sleep on. Choose from eight sizes, including international bed sizes, and enjoy a customised sleep like no other. 

The mattress protectors are quilted with 100% cotton top.


Our expert print technicians and seamstresses make your custom fitted sheets by hand and to order, ensuring your gift is truly unique.  The fabric is cut to size, where the corners are cut out so the elastic can be sewn in. This is so when the sheet is pulled around the bed, it’s taut and snug around the mattress. Double check the dimensions of your bed to ensure you select the right size sheet.

Design your own fitted sheets and enjoy a dreamy night’s sleep.


For each product you can select from a range of standard sizes. For custom fitted sheets, simply enter measurementS in CM. Allow us to process your order within 3 working days , as this allows us to cut, stitch and fit the sheets or protectors according to your required size!


For custom fitted sheets we need your correct mattress measurements. 

  1. Width – Measure from one side to the other of the mattress
  2. Length – Measure from the head to foot of the mattress
  3. Depth – Measure the height of the mattress, if you have any mattress toppers or protectors make sure to include those in the measurements.

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