SLEEP SAFE: Safety is BED AND BATH’S number 1 priority. BED AND BATH blankets are purposely made to leave a little room around the edges once fitted to ensure the blanket remains flat. Overheat protection is guaranteed
DOUBLE: Standard size 120 x 135 cm (Please note the blanket does not go under the pillow and is 7 cm from the edge of bed from each side)
HEAT CONTROL: Features three heat settings to help you keep complete control of your comfort
FAST: Ultra-fast heat up, the blanket will feel warm to the touch after only a few minutes
MACHINE WASHABLE: Made from polyester, machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius and Tumble dry safe




The Comfort Control Electric Blanket by BED AND BATH features three heat settings that you can adjust to set the temperature so it is right for you. Made from 100 Percent polyester, the underblanket is durable but soft, providing utmost comfort.
Special features include overheat protection which means the underblanket will automatically shut down if the built-in thermal fuse detects a hot spot or a fault in the heated cables, the underblanket is also memory foam compatible. Please note the electric blanket is not designed to fit edge to edge on the mattress.
Tumble-dry safe. Note:
1 Tie it down – The ties are there to keep the blanket fully flat.
2 Straighten large creases – Over time if it is not fully flat it can develop a deep crease, which is difficult to straight back out.
3 Creases make the thermal fuse in the electric blanket think that it is overheating and permanently shuts off.
4 Don’t let the blanket hang over the edge of the bed – this puts the heating wires under stress and can break the wires.
5 Don’t turn on while in a folded position – This activates the thermal fuse, which will permanently shut the blanket down. Follow the washing instructions – Please wash as per the wash instructions.
6 After each wash hold the blanket up to the window to check for twisted/looped wires. Looped wires do cause the electric blanket to permanently switch off.
7 Damage to the controller lead – Trapping the wiring at the side of the bed / pets chewing through the cable / putting the cable under strain and tension trying to reach a plug; all will stop the blanket from working. Using a damaged controller or a controller from a different electric blanket – Only use the one supplied with the blanket and inspect for damage. 8.Please be aware tampering of the controller invalidates the guarantee and poses safety issues.*This price is based on 6 hours of usage.


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